Why is glacier equilibrium line altitude important environmental sciences essay

It also contains the complex mixture of gases needed to sustain life. Geosphere … Hydrosphere hydro is Greek for water comprises water in all its forms.

Why is glacier equilibrium line altitude important environmental sciences essay

However, this time the climate response has been overestimated. What's the significance of this error?

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To determine this, let's look at how it happened and the broader context. Its total area will likely shrink from the presenttokm2 by the year WWF, On Page 25, we find: Direct observation of a select few snout positions out of the thousands of Himalayan glaciers indicate that they have been in a general state of decline over, at least, the past years.

Again this was not peer reviewed New Scientist is a popular science magazine. This speculation was not supported by any formal research.

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Unfortunately, the error was not spotted in the review process. This may be because it was buried deep in the Working Group II section which focuses on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability with a regional emphasis.

It was not one of the key features included in the Technical Summary, the Summary for Policymakers or the Synthesis Report. The prediction was not included in the Working Group I section focusing on the Physical Science with more of a global emphasis which was solidly based on peer reviewed research.

The moral of the story seems clear - stick to the peer reviewed scientific literature. This is not to say peer review is infallible. But as a source for climate science, there is no higher standard than rigorous research based on empirical data, conducted by scientific experts and reviewed by other experts in the field.

There are approximately 15, glaciers in the Himalayas. Each summer, these glaciers release meltwater into the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra Rivers. Approximately million people depend upon water from these three rivers Kehrwald On-site measurement of glacier terminus position and ice core records have found many glaciers on the south slope of the central Himalaya have been retreating at an accelerating rate Ren While on-site measurements cover only a small range of the Himalayas, broader coverage is achieved through remote sensing satellites and Geographic Information System methods.

This retreat is accelerating across much of the Tibetan plateau Yao The IPCC error on the prediction was unfortunate and it's important that such mistakes are avoided in future publications through more rigorous review.

The Himalayan glaciers are of vital importance to half a billion people.glacial runoff is to monitor changes in the surface mass balance and the equilibrium-line altitude in a small region of a glaciated area [30]. However, due to limited human and financial resources, dataset is provided by the Environmental & Ecologic al Science Data Center for West China, National Impact of Climate Change on Vegetation.

From Equilibrium Line Altitude Reconstructions to Physics-Based Glacier Models Researchers sometimes assume that glacier-based climate reconstructions derived from numerical models are more precise or reliable than those carried out using ELA reconstruction methods.

Explain With Examples Why the Glacier Equilibrium Line Altitude (ELA) Is Of Such Key Importance for the Glacier-Climate Relationship. Palaeoclimatic reconstructions based on the limits of former glaciers use estimates of the associated equilibrium line altitudes (Benn and Gemmell ).

Mayo and Echelmeyer established a single observation site at about 6, feet near my long-term equilibrium line altitude (ELA), where they installed a vertical stake in the snow and ice surface.

(An ELA is the approximate line on a glacier where the average glacier mass balance—accumulation versus melting or ablation—is zero.).

Why is glacier equilibrium line altitude important environmental sciences essay

It is separated from the ablation zone by the equilibrium line. Crevasses - Crevasses are giant cracks that occur on the surface of glaciers typically where the glacier flows the fastest.

Firn - Firn is a type of compacted snow that lies between the new snow and the glacial ice. Nov 26,  · Byu application essays jasna essay contest compound interest formula. Transport agent business viva voce presentation tips list of environmental .

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