The year of the law

Electives credits 2 weeks 1L Spring Semester: Depending on the credit value of your fall 1L and spring 1L electives, you will have completed credits.

The year of the law

Dec 11, at 3: An answer immediately came to mind, but before I blurted it out, I wanted to look at what other words or phrases might be contenders. Read on to find out which words I considered and which one I ultimately chose. One obvious candidate would be artificial intelligence.

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This was a year in which everyone seemed to be getting into the AI game. Another worth considering for word of the year is analytics.

Among the best-known platforms in this category is Lex Machinawhich offers litigation analytics in an expanding number of practice areas. Ever since its acquisition by LexisNexis two years ago, Lex Machina has grown from its original focus on intellectual property to add analytics for product securities, antitrust, commercial litigation, employment, bankruptcy, and products liability.

Of course, Lex Machina is by no means alone in providing analytics.

The year of the law

A buzzword not to be ignored this year is bot. Early in the year, I wrote here about how everyone, it seemed, was suddenly talking about bots. That was partly due to the widespread media coverage given to DoNotPaythe chatbot that promised to help people fight parking tickets, after its founder reported winningout ofcases.

Since then, the buzz around bots has grown only louder.

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When the results were later announced, the bot, not surprisingly, emerged victorious. My list of contenders would have to include legal keyboard.

The year was only a few days old when I wrote a post announcing the launch of the LegalBoarda keyboard designed specifically for lawyers. As I later wrote in my column herenever in all my years of writing about legal technology have I seen the legal world respond to a new product as it did to this.

Also on my short list would be Alexa. And in September, Tali announced its integration with practice management platform Clio. Yes, it is a tired and overworked word, but companies still regularly invoke it. A phrase hardly uttered until this year is brief analysis.

One of the hot products of the year has been CARAthe Casetext tool that analyzes briefs and memoranda and automatically finds relevant cases not mentioned in the document. Also continuing to grow in significance is the phrase technology competence.

In September, the number of states that have adopted this ethical duty hit But after due consideration, I rejected them all in favor of what I consider to be the top legal technology word of And it is drumroll: Earlier this year, I wrote a post, In Legal, Blockchain Is The New Blackin which I discussed the emerging and growing importance of blockchain technology in the legal industry.

It was a word few lawyers knew. Now law firms have practice groups that focus on it, consortia have been formed to study its applications in law, and there has been at least one major conference devoted to it. For all of these reasons, I pick blockchain as the legal technology word of the year.Miller earned his law degree from Wayne State University in — Editor's note: The original version of this story gave the incorrect year Miller earned his law degree.

This version is correct. Every two years the Law Journal sets out to spotlight excellence among New Jersey’s diverse attorneys. Diversity means many things, and we recognize diversity in all its forms.

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The federal sequester law remains in effect for the federal fiscal year. Corporations need to be aware of how this may affect their tax credits and refunds. Corporations need to be aware of how this may affect their tax credits and refunds.

The 2-year program is designed to give prospective law students options to build a path to success that fits their lives and goals.

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Read more in the 2-year J.D. brochure. Special Application Procedures. Nov 01,  · CHICAGO, Nov. 1, /PRNewswire/ -- McDermott Will & Emery has been named "Law Firm of the Year" in Health Care Law on the U.S. News - Best Lawyers ® "Best Law Firms" list – the second. In order to track the adherence to the law, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Reauthorization Act of (P.L.

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