The main features of chlamydia

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The main features of chlamydia

There is also a high resolution version for printing. New fact sheet provides the three steps you can take if you were recently diagnosed with gonorrhea or chlamydia, including resources to help you talk to your partner.

Sexual Health and Your Patients: It features tables and charts to help providers easily find key information, and was pre-tested with primary care providers. The Edge Motion Comic Series — An original, comic-based, serial drama following the lives of nine fictional high school and college friends as they navigate young adulthood, while also educating viewers about HIV and STDs.

Chlamydia Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

These documents provide insight into innovative STD prevention programs and projects. An Urgent Public Health Issue This animation details the history of drug-resistant gonorrhea in the United States, the dangers of untreatable gonorrhea, and why this issue must remain a top public health priority.

The main features of chlamydia

The Profiles provide a one-stop resource to assure public health professionals have the most up-to-date national and local CDC antimicrobial susceptibility data. Syphilis Resources Syphilis Pocket Guide for Providers — Updated booklet for providers containing need-to-know details on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of syphilis.

Reducing Rising Syphilis Rates: Talk, Test, and Treat.Pink, itchy eyes? Pink eye – or conjunctivitis – is common and spreads easily. It sometimes needs medical treatment, depending on the cause. Know the symptoms, when to seek treatment, and how to help prevent it. Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is one of the most common and treatable eye.

To differentiate the rickettsia, chlamydia and mycoplasma on the basis of cell structure, metabolism, genetic characteristics, pathogenicity, routes of disease transmission and methods of diagnosis.

The main features of chlamydia

Specific educational objectives (terms and concepts upon which you will be tested). What are STDs? What are STDs? Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are passed from one person to another through intimate physical contact – such as heavy petting – and from sexual activity including vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Information from CDC

Inspire Healthy Lives and Caring Communities. The mission of the Alliance for Positive Health is to reduce the impact and incidence of HIV/AIDS and other serious medical and social conditions.

Chlamydia testing (usually nucleic acid amplification test, NAAT) is used to screen for, diagnose, and verify successful treatment of infections caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.

Chlamydia is one of the most common bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the U.S.

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