Quality of education at northern university

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Quality of education at northern university

Its four strategic aims may be summarised as: Its objects and constitution are set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association. QAA is the body that undertakes this independent role in the UK.

It does so through processes of peer review. Reviewers have extensive experience of higher education at a senior level, or are current or recent students. While there are some differences between the methods used by QAA to achieve this, they have some key features in common.

All reviews check that UK expectations are met; currently this is done by benchmarking the provision against QAA's Quality Code see belowbut at time of writing the Conservative government elected in has plans to develop a Teaching Excellence Framework [9] which will play a role in the assessment of quality in higher education.

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Other resources used for benchmarks of academic standards include the 'subject benchmark statements' maintained by QAA in consultation with the academic communityrelevant qualifications and credit frameworks, institutions' own rules and handbooks, standards set by professional bodies, and the European Standards and Guidelines maintained by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA.

Each review results in a published report containing judgements on whether UK expectations are met.

At Ohio Northern University, we’re educating and preparing students for successful careers, service to the world and a lifetime of personal growth. Our eyes are always on the future, and we’re inspired by the higher values of truth, beauty and goodness. Accreditation is a critical indicator of quality education, recognized by employers and by other universities as an important qualifier for future educational opportunities. Regional Accreditation. Regional Accreditation measures quality and academic distinction among institutions of higher learning. College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado provides excellence in teacher education, counseling, technology and psychology, at .

Separate judgements comment on academic standards, academic quality, and the public information provided about courses.

Reports include recommendations for improvement, citations of good practice, and affirmations of actions taken by the higher education provider to improve since the last review. At time of writing, review places an emphasis on the existence of robust academic management structures, and policies and approaches that enable national expectations to be fulfilled, combined with evidence that this is happening.

Quality of education at northern university

Evidence is obtained in a variety of ways, including interviews with relevant individuals and structured discussions with student and staff focus groups. QAA reviews do not generally look at individual courses or programmes of study, neither do they review or evaluate students' work.

Guidance on quality and standards[ edit ] In cooperation with the UK higher education sector, QAA maintains the UK Quality Code for Higher Education Quality Code - see belowthe subject benchmark statements [10] for bachelor's and master's degrees, and other guidance for helping higher education providers to meet agreed UK expectations.

Where appropriate, QAA also works with professional, regulatory and statutory bodies, and employers, to ensure that its guidance is fit for purpose. Draft guidance is published on QAA's website via a tab on the home pagewhere it is accessible for public consultation before being formally published.

UK Quality Code for Higher Education sets out 19 expectations that must be met by UK higher education providers that receive any kind of public or student loan funding.

The Quality Code replaced the 'Academic Infrastructure' see below in as the main reference point for checking on the quality of UK higher education, having been developed in close consultation with the UK higher education sector.

Owned and maintained by QAA, it sets out 'what higher education providers expect of themselves', and 'what students may expect The Quality Code covers: Topics covered by its 19 expectations include: In the Quality Code was extended to include the UK 'frameworks for higher education qualifications' specifying levels for the different higher education qualifications and defining these through 'level descriptors' and the subject benchmark statements specifying what outcomes - knowledge, understanding, skills and attributes - are expected of bachelor's and master's graduates in specific disciplines.

In Scotland the levels are different, being part of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework [11].Bulletin of Education & Research December , Vol.

29, No.

Quality of education at northern university

2, pp. Education System of Pakistan and the UK: Comparisons in Context to Inter-provincial and Inter-countries Reflections Muhammad Saeed* Abstract This paper addresses the comparisons of the education system of Pakistan and the UK from six dimensions i.e.

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Higher education in Nunavut is the responsibility of the territorial government, consistent with jurisdictions across Canada. Three main pieces of legislation govern post-secondary education in Nunavut: [1].

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