Ppv landing page case study

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Ppv landing page case study

Read this first about LeadImpact LeadImpact is no longer in business. This article is available for historical purposes only. This article is OLD This article was published 3 years, 9 months ago. Please keep in mind that the information may be outdated.

Post a comment below if you have any questions. You can find all the latest affiliate marketing tips on affLIFT! Many of you already know that adult dating is one of the best money makers in all countries. All of them are SOI Single Opt In which only require people to submit their information with no need to confirm their account via an email address.

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I started with only the top thirty adult related websites. The reason behind this is because I want to target those that have a medium to high amount of traffic.

If the Alexa Ranking is higher than this, it usually has a low volume of traffic. Ten of them were adult dating websites. Another ten were adult video sites. The remaining were adult chat rooms. These were three main target groups I was going to send the offer to. I decided to start from these three target visitors because I wanted to know which kind of target worked well with the offers I selected.

The best PPV target scraper tool! For this case study, I started purchasing traffic from only 50onRed. Then, I created three direct link campaigns for three target groups. I wanted to see how the targets and offers performed without the landing page first. So, I placed the bid price at the minimum for every single target.

After I let the campaigns run for a while and receive enough traffic to evaluate. Rather, it will be a good target when it gives a steady conversion rate and EPC. It might work better and give me profit when the landing page persuades visitors to become interested in the offer.

The Direct Link Results After I sent traffic to the direct link campaigns, I found a couple of conversions from two target groups. The conversion rate was around 0.

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So, I decided to create landing pages to get more conversions. It will return the many ways in which people promote the offer, including direct linking and landing pages. What you need to do is just rip off their landing page and edit the tracking code to be yours.

I usually tweak some components on my landing page and run it with the original one in order to see which performs better.

I have simple PPV templates in which you can insert your text and picture easily. An attractive headline, photos, and eye-catching call to action could easily make you money. Remember that your landing page will be shown as a popup, which people are rarely interested in.

No WordPress and be sure remove unnecessary detail. Insert some short and interesting text into the headline.

SBF Glossary: M

Make it big and eye catching. Combine it with an image of a sexy girl and a call to action button could work also. Create landing page styles first in order to find which style performs well.People focus way too much on US traffic.

Any country NOT listed here is to be considered blacklisted for Clickbank.

Ppv landing page case study

If the country is on this list, you can run traffic to Clickbank offers without a problem. I also included a list of the top 20 economies just below according to GDP. Keep in mind the European Union itself is made up of 27 countries, which combined is bigger than the US economy. In either version, Bob is already expected to be among the group(s) in question, but is singled out as if he's not, usually at Bob's expense; "Bob" may be anyone, including the Butt-Monkey or an Acceptable Target.

In extreme cases, the group will be received with cheers, and the name of Bob will be. Step 1: Set up your account and property. Once you have a Google account, you can go to Google Analytics and click the Sign into Google Analytics button.

You will then be greeted with the three steps you must take to set up Google Analytics.

PPV Marketing Case Study – Successful Payday Loan CPA Offer With PPV Traffic

camp pendleton leslutinsduphoenix.com WELCOME WELCOME CONTENTS U.S. MARINES PHOTO BY LANCE CPL. RYAN CARPENTER 6WELCOME TO MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON .. 6. FREE WSO: 2 PPV (Leadimpact) Case Study Guides Free WSO Released: July 24, This is a FREE WSO offering where I will reveal two of my successful PPV (pay per view) campaigns that I've tested back in December using LeadImpact PPV advertising.

I will show you the exact keywords and optin landing pages I've used. Direct Link vs Landing Page. The next step was setting up the campaigns on the PPV network.

For this case study, I started purchasing traffic from only leslutinsduphoenix.com the offers and targets I selected give me conversions, I’ll expand the campaigns to other traffic sources.

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