B301 tma02

Answer all of questions. The questions in this assignment are mainly about developing entrepreneurial ideas. The last question Q3 is based on the case study below page 5.

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Tutor Marked Assessment I. Business Plan One vehicle for acquiring an understanding of the entrepreneurial process is through the preparation of a start-up business plan.

The focus of this TMA is to select a business idea and create a complete and persuasive mini- business plan. Writing a business plan requires you to ask tough questions about the nature of the business.

The body of the written business plan should be no more than 10 pages including the executive B301 tma02 and all financial statements.

Plans must include an explanation of the offering B301 tma02 investors that indicate the investment required, expected ROI, marketing plan, operations plan, and management team description. Description of the business Description of the market: Market Penetration Projections and Strategies Description of the products: What Is to Be Developed or Sold?

B301 tma02

Strong written and oral skills greatly facilitate success in the business world. Those individuals that can effectively communicate their ideas will have an advantage over those that cannot. Your team will present your business plan to the class and, if applicable, participate in a business plan competition.

It is a team project. Each team will consist of students. The project is divided into two parts: TMA essay paper 50 marks out of 2. A Tutor Report of about words that describes the situation you are addressing in course terms drawing freely on the concepts taught in T Your Tutor Report should include a range of diagrams to help your tutor make sense of the situation and subsequent analysis.

It should also include the analysis method diagram and your Ethicality Statement. A Client Report of about words. The first part — the summaries — can be an extract from your Learning Album if appropriate. These should consist of weekly or period summaries, whichever is appropriate to you and your style of working, detailing your progress through the Project production period.

B301 tma02

The second part is an overall summary where you are expected to reflect, in course terms, on your experience of putting your project together. This is very much an opportunity to communicate to your tutor how you have reflected on your learning and applied your systems thinking in practice see Block 5.

This item does not have a word limit specified but as a rough guide to upper limits: Your description of the problem situation using appropriate systems language where possible. This should be as presented to, and seen by you.

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Your data collection should have been completed. An analysis method diagram illustrating the procedural steps through the analysis method you have adopted or developed together with a rationale for its use in this context. Explanation of any problems you encountered in this project and how you dealt with them.

A reflection on how your understanding of complexity has developed so far while engaging in this project. After realizing that the Internet was the only medium available in the Arab world for tackling taboos and creating the interactive platform envisioned without being hindered by censorship, the Shankaboot team launched the Internet-based web series in Lebanon.

The project was a resounding success, and won a International Digital Emmy Award. At the time of the case in Julythe producer of this award-winning Lebanese web drama, Katia Saleh, is approached by potential sponsors who want her to scale up the Shankaboot project to reach the rest of the Arab world.حل واجبات الجامعة العربية المفتوحة المضمونة اميل [email protected] جميع التخصصات و جميع الفروع بدون تكرار او تشابه.

This calculator is designed to use the results (or the possible/predicted results) from your Open University modules at level 2 and 3 to calculate which classification of degree you might get. Jul 20,  · حل واجب t, مع الشرح t tma01 tma02 tma03 tma04 حلول واجبات حل واجب حل مشاريع تدريس مواد الجامعة العربية المفتوحة 05/ VMC-TMTMABL バルターモト Valter Moto バーエンド ツーリング 08年年 GSXR隼、03年年 GSX-R 左右セット ブルー.

B is said to be a challenging module with a lot of theory and as a result a lot of reading. I'm officially 4 days in (but actually started a week and a bit early) and can say it is living up to those things!

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But I'm actually enjoying it a bit which is always a good sign. “Academics are like vampires ” Like almost everything in life there is a knack to doing well in an Open University assignment (and this probably carries through to other kinds of assignments to).

Knowing your stuff will get you a pass, but putting these tips into practice will turn that into a .

حل واجبات الجامعة العربية المفتوحة مهندس احمد ، التخصصات ادارة اعمال بيزنس تقنية معلومات تربية