A film review of the color purple by steven spielberg

When Celie's sister Nettie Akosua Busia comes to stay her refusal to let any man push her about whilst teaching Celie to read causes problems and she is forced to leave. Throughout Celie's life with Mister she meets various people who teach her to stand up for herself including Sofia Oprah Winfrey who marries Mister's eldest son Harpo Willard E. That synopsis barely covers what goes on in "The Color Purple" and I could write paragraph after paragraph telling you what happens but that would spoil one of the great movies of the 80s. But I have given you a gist of what it is about; that Celie from a young age suffered all manner of abuse firstly from the man she knows as her father and then from the man she is forced to marry who not only abuses her but tries to abuse her sister when she comes to stay.

A film review of the color purple by steven spielberg

The myth is gigantic. The death of cinema. The life of cinema, too. But really, who is Steven Spielberg? And how could any documentary successfully encapsulate the life and times of an American master? An artist, no doubt, and one still filled with crippling doubt — but one seen here in home movies doing a hammy Julia Child impersonation as well.

Through the legend and the lore, we get a kind notion of Spielberg, the excitable boy. And all that dweeby, neurotic, and mindful passion comes to the top in snappy fashion during Spielberg, a sincere effort at pinning down one of the greats.

We open not on him, but on his vision. Or rather, his obsession: He saw it more than once. In his mind, he knew he could never top this perfect movie.

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So maybe a thanks to David Lean is in order. Or else, you know, no E. Flipppancy aside, this is Spielberg at its most illuminating. With unfettered access to Spielberg, his peers, his casts, his crews, his critics, and his friends, the doc delivers a stacked series of clips and ruminations.

Get your trivia brain ready. Liam Neeson almost angrily describing himself as a puppet for Spielberg to maneuver is something else. When Spielberg waxes effusive, talking about the camera choices in Munich, or how Bridge of Spies and Lincoln appeal to his unabashed patriotism, you see a dreamer, an optimist, and a man to be envied.

Michael Phillips, a producer on Close Encounters, nails the appeal of Spielberg, and of this doc: He was and will always be a little left of center, whether teasing his sisters to make scary movies, or bugging his friends to make Ford-like war films with real Ford footage cut in! He really is an odd bird, a genuine article, in the kindest sense, and people just seem to love being around a guy like him.

His passion is infectious, and in that vein, Spielberg makes for a great subject. And you can read about how Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sucked on Twitter at appropriate lengths.

Spielberg may leave a few people wanting, since it merely yields the hits and the heart. And it has its own benefits. A Jaws or a Raiders enthusiast — and there are many — can walk into this documentary and hear nifty things about each of those efforts.

But better yet, they may just be egged on to seek out more. They almost feel like pitches, and great ones at that. Think of this as a personal romance with the movies, through the eyes of one of its best visionaries.

Spielberg premieres on HBO on October 7.Regardless, THE COLOR PURPLE is a very important film within Spielberg’s body of work. It marks the moment when Spielberg proved that he was capable of making films that were more substantial and serious than his already-emotionally-effecting spectacle work.

A film that can make you shed tears of sadness and tears of joy would be considered quite a step in the career of a common filmmaker. The fact is, Steven Spielberg, probably our greatest story-teller, has been doing this in various movie formats for years.

A film review of the color purple by steven spielberg

THE COLOR PURPLE, at the time, was. The Color Purple (film) The Color Purple is a American coming-of-age period drama film directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Quincy Jones, and written by Menno Meyjes, based on the Pulitzer Prize -winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker.

Jun 25,  · 6) Armond White Movie Review of Steven Spielberg's film The Color Purple () ; "As the young Celie, Desreta Jackson gives the most lucid, affecting child performance since Henry Thomas in E.T.

She has the emotional transparency of legendary film actresses and, when she is paired with pert, doll-like Akosua Busia, ' .

Today The Color Purple is such a beloved film in the black community that it’s hard to fathom that it wasn’t loved by everybody when it was released 25 years ago on December 18, But. Dec 18,  · A version of this review appears in print on December 18, , on Page C of the National edition with the headline: FILM: ' THE COLOR PURPLE,' FROM STEVEN SPIELBERG.

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