A discussion on censorship

Overview[ edit ] Many of the challenges associated with Internet censorship are similar to those for offline censorship of more traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, books, music, radio, television, and film.

A discussion on censorship

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Recent Opinions

Should there be less censorship? Which is it more important to control - sexual or violent scenes? Why should they be controlled?

What effect, if any, do you think that sexual or violent scenes on the media have on people? Do you think that countries with more censorship have less violent and sexual crime? Do you think people were any less violent before the existence of television, films and video games? Do you think censorship is a good thing or a bad thing?

Internet censorship - Wikipedia

What are your reasons? Freedom of speech[ edit ] Should freedom of speech be absolute or should it be limited?

What is your opinion about censoring religious themes? What was your opinion of the "Mohammed cartoons" affair? Should people of one religion be allowed to say things which believers of another religion find offensive?

Should people be allowed to say anything which another person might find offensive for some reason? Should people with extreme political views be allowed a voice?

If a political party advocates violent actions should they have the freedom to do so or should they be silenced? In some countries opinions on the internet are censored by governments in order to reduce potential social instability.

What do you think of this?The Problem of Censorship. The New Deal cultural programs were marred by censorship. When WPA chief Harry Hopkins announced the formation of the Federal Theatre at the National Theater Conference in , he referred to a theme that would figure importantly in the development and demise of the FTP and other components of Federal One.

Terms like "don't agree" and "re-election" are also banned after a proposal to keep Xi Jinping in office. There are endless opportunities for engaging debates on censorship.

These can be informal discussions or student-led seminars, could be based on a student presentation or on watching a movie (preferably not a banned one!), a documentary or a YouTube clip, or organized more formally. Press Freedom vs. Military Censorship Much of the war on terrorism involves gathering highly sensitive information about terrorists.

In addition, the U.S.

A discussion on censorship

and other governments are developing new strategies to contend with terrorism at home an. Thanks Shtookah for setting up this debate, it seems we agree on a great deal (% BIG issues), but that this particular topic provides some scope for discussion.

Con is the instigator here and bears the burden of proving that censorship is always wrong. A place chat with others concerned with censorship issues. Banned Books Forum DEAD LINK, no alternative found. A place to discuss censorship, book banning and controversial publications.

BookWire's Banned Books Bulletin Board DEAD LINK, no alternative found. A place to talk about book banning, sorted into sections.

For Their Own Good: Discussing Censorship in the ESL Classroom